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October 16, 2007


M McEnroe

I had one of those once. A short woman in a red sports car convertable was on the phone when she tried to change lanes into my car. I beeped, she heard me and flipped out. I thought the phone call would have been more important but she sped up got in my lane and brake checked me. I bumped her car, it was unavoidable. She jumped out of her car and started to threaten me with her cop boyfriend in Boston. I suppose I am fortunate enough to be able to appreciate the ridiculous as at this point I start to laugh and leave. She followed me for a bit so I pulled over in front of someone eles house and sure enough I hear "Now I know where you live.". This calls to mind the RHCP Halloween show incident but I digress. When confronted with hostility of the unarmed and ludacrous type I suggest humor. Smile and be polite. It really throws people when you don't play their game. Then, of course there is the sucker-punch but I don't advocate that I just watch out for it.

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