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January 14, 2008



Well don't be dying anytime soon Dan. We are still working on that life extension technology. Personally I just put my memories in the closest head I can find right before I save the ship. Then I have a clone body made up and I'm back.
But that's me. Doesn't work for everyone.


good grief Dan, you seem to me like one of the nicest people I've ever met. Remember chasing Rosie in CP or getting a might bit tipsy at one of the Atriot gatherings.

I promise you, you will be able to put these thoughts behind you.



You don't have time for that; remember, you're a married white male with two kids?!
Not to mention, if you want/don't want embalming, and if you want certain parts of your body to go elsewhere; perhaps you should make sure that your grieving widow gets informed on to where that would be..?!
Also, if said widow doesn't get a say in neither music nor choice of shade of lipstick, just make sure she get's proper info, preferably via private email, which she checks regularly.
(And, who the hell is Rosie? "Remember chasing Rosie in CP or getting a might bit tipsy at one of the Atriot gatherings.")


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