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April 30, 2008


J Hornik

Just randomly came across this, hunting for "Iron Man" and "waterboarding" on google. Yeah, it's true, the Arabs dunk the white guy's head underwater. Also, they put a hood over his head and hook him up to a car battery.

Wow, those Arabs are really something. (And here's how they get out of that: they're not 'Arabs', they're 'a multinational terrorist force,' kind of like those multiethnic street gangs from those '80s movies, with a punk, an Italian, a black guy and a Hispanic.)

It's an entertaining movie, with some good performances, and no scruples about lying about the recent past. Favreau may know who was the bad guy in Abu Ghraib, but I bet there's a lot of people who see it as 'punishment for the good buy' without any ironic cast whatsoever. After all, the movie is not called "Irony Man."


Spoiler Alert: I saw the film last night. He does get dunked in water but not waterboarded. As he nearly kills himself, the shrapnel in his chest is from his own weapon (Irony Man it is), thats actually a mild point. Spoiler; the ambush in the very beginning graphically shows American soldiers being killed by Stark weapons. This event marks his conversion from profiteer to hero. Plus there is a pretty even exchange of ideologies in the early frames too. Ultimately there is plenty of bad to go around and the point is made that our worst enemy, if not ourselves, may be on our side. Its a good film.

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