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April 27, 2009


King Ed Ra

What makes you think that she isn't aware of it already? Has she brought the subject up at all? I don't ever recall having the "We need to talk about the Bomb, son" conversation with my folks, but I was pretty much aware of that I could die in a nuclear oven by age 8, and they hadn't even taught us about Hirosima & Nagasaki yet.

dan mcenroe

I don't think kids are as aware of it today as we were. When we were growing up, the cold war and its potential nightmare consequence were on the news every single night. Not so much today. Also, she generally asks me tons of questions about things she hears grown-ups discussing, and this hasn't come up.

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What about Dr. Seuss' Butter Battle Book? Although, I think perhaps she would prefer Barnett's The Pentagon's New Map.

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