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May 07, 2007



I think you're forgetting that a photograph of a 16-year-old is probably not much different from a photograph of a 22-year-old, because there is no biological distinction within that age group.

To a guy who is recently over-21, someone who is 18-years-old is in his immediate peer group. And we're talking about images, not conversation over dinner - it's about how they look, not how they act. And within that 16-22 age group, they all look much the same.

Looking at images of women who are "barely legal" (and even illegal at 16-17) isn't "hot for children", it's hot for women in your own age group, which is perfectly normal.

So I must strongly disagree with the idea that if you're over 21, you have "no business" looking at women who are "barely legal". Those are exactly the women who a normal guy that age should be looking at.

dan mcenroe

Those are exactly the women who a normal guy that age should be looking at.

I'm thinking more about guys who are around my age (I'm 38); it's not 21 year old males alone who are keeping the barely legal/Girls Gone Wild genre afloat. And 21 was an arbitrary number, like all such distinctions. My ultimate point is that eventually you've got to come to a point where you no longer find images of an intoxicated, judgement impaired girl fifteen years your junior appealing.

Alan Bostick

If the age of photographic consent is 21, then it is 21-year-olds who will be "barely legal"; and if lawmakers listen to Jon Swift and make the age of consent 65, then 65-year-olds will be barely legal. Three quarters of the icky prurience surrounding "barely legal" is brought about by having that arbitrary legal line in the first place.


I think people over-obsess on the age thing. And I think you also under-value the rather significant number of males under the age of 25 who are looking at sexual material.

I don't bother trying to make my fantasies track too closely to reality. The things I appreciate visually in a man are rarer and rarer as I get older. That doesn't mean I'm more attracted to younger men (I'm not), but it does mean that just for the looking, I'm more likely to notice those traits where they appear, rather than notice men simply because they are closer to my age.

And even a heterosexual woman can appreciate the sensuality of a young, healthy woman's body. We all look. It's why women's magazines are full of attractive young women (and not dumpy, middle-aged broads who look like the readership).

In real life, people tend to be attracted to real people - based on a number of things that have less to do with natural beauty than with personal style and shared interests - but when it's just a matter of visuals, we look for what's pretty, not for what's "age-appropriate". I have no problem with that.

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well for one point, attraction does not choose an age. if an 18 year old is attracted to a 30 year old (or vice versa), then so be it. As for raising the age form 18-21, as long as the girl is at here legal age, and has proper consent and she was not forced to do it, then that will just be fine.

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Very informative. Age of consent will also vary depending on country.

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Barely legal is still legal.

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True, doesn't matter how legal, your still legal.

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Age does matter..

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Thanks for the information sue!

Jane K Elvisky

Sue, I would say that it is very bad to eyeball girls, I just dont like it at all when some people look at my daughter, it makes me feel very bad.

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