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May 04, 2007


King Ed Ra

Actually, this post and the one above it (about Imus' "give me my money" lawsuit) speak more to the absolutly craven nature of big media. If you've seen the wording in Imus' contract with CBS, they fired him for saying exactly the type of thing that they hired him to say. Leaving aside whether he should have ever siad it in the first place, the fact that CBS not only expected but hoped he would say something like that shows that their "outrage" was merely worrying about a PR disaster from the ethnic grievence industry (I can say that cause I worked in that field). I hope he gets every penny, even if he is an asshole.

As far as Ashleigh Banafield, she got hung out to dry because she was a reporter and not a commentator. I know Keith Olberman is is the liberal TV flavor of the month, but the reason why he gets away with his schtick is because he just talks about the news in a professional capacity (like a liberal version of Bill O'Reilly, only right), as opposed to Banafield who stated her opinion "outside" of company parameters. As much as I enjoy Olberman, he's putting on a show. Just like Imus. Banfield gets thrown under the bus because she's a REAL journalist--not some old dj who happened to start reading the newspaper when he sobered up or some wiseass sports reporter. That right there is why I do not watch ANY TV news anymore--it's all an act. Truthfullnes is secondary to obedience. As long as Olberman spouts off on primetime, all is hunkydory. Talk out of class, though, and feel the beat DROP!

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