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June 14, 2007



Funny. They can get away with it on HBO but in publishing, maybe...

aci kaci

that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard!


Alright, It's killing me!!! Snape actually is in with Dumbledore. He "Killed" Dumbledore in the "Half-Blood Prince", so he will be resurrected with the amulet Harry is wearing. Dumbledore took Harry to the caves to ensure the fact that part of his soul will be intact for Harry when he faces Voldemort for the final time to end evil forever. Snape is also there, double crosses Voldemort and dies so Harry can defeat him once and for all. We find out that Harry's parents actually saved Snape's life, and he learned a valuable lesson about mankind and blah, blah, blah. Dumbldore appears in a ( I think that's what was said) in a new body to help fight Voldemort at the end when Harry releases part of Dumbldores soul after Snape clues him in. Malfoy realizes that he has been steered wrong, and joins the Ministry Of Defence (Young Wizard Dept.)
Harry becomes Headmaster at Hogwarts, spawning a 3 part series announced in 2008, (Coinciding with the new themepark in Orlando, Fl.). Hermione becomes the headmistress in one of the other schools. Ron joins his brother in "Saving the Dragons".

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