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November 05, 2007


King Ed Ra

That pre-Moses version of God was an ass, wasn't he? He was big on smiting the world if he didn't get his props. That was he beauty of Moses' covenant, wasn't it--make God sign a contract? Old Yahweh toned down the theatrics after that (unless you were a Philistine or a Nazi), saving his wrath for making his new business partners the most persecuted group of people on the planet. "Hey, Jews! Thanks for making sure your God doesn't kill us again. BTW, we're going to enslave you for the next 900 years or so--Don't worry, God's got your back! (*snicker*)

Honestly, I'm amazed that the ancient Israelites didn't embrace Atheism as a cultural belief system after that 40 year trek through the desert. "For the love of Pete, Moses, would you just stop and ask for directions1"


"My Lovely and Talented Wife Who is Smarter Than Me™ " ; I like that!

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