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August 14, 2008


King Ed Ra

I'm surprised at you! Did you actually think the 60's space program was about landing on the moon? It was all about putting spy satellites in orbit and testing the range of ICBM's with an eye towards orbiting missile platforms (Remember Skylab? It was probabaly the cover program for Reagan/Shrub's Star Wars).

Landing on the Moon was the spoonful of sugar that NASA (old NASA that was practically a branch of the Pentagon, not new under-funded we-all-look-like--George-Lucas-and-believed-the-hype-we were-fed-as-kids NASA)gave us to make the billions of dollars spent on a "black budget" program seem palatable. "We're going to the Moon kids! Whoopee!" Notice how we didn't stay there

Of course DARPA is ahead of the curve. That's what they do--hell, they made the most effective global civilian surveillance tool ever! (hint: we're using it right now)

dan mcenroe

Landing on the Moon was the spoonful of sugar that NASA gave us ...

I like sugar. Sugar is friend. Give me the goddamn sugar already!

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