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August 18, 2009


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I found out from Mom that you can see the search words on Google that people use to lead them to this blog. She tried to hide some of the words from me, but there they were: "Ugly, fat, cat." And those heartless words, typed into Google Images, directed them to my pictures in my flowered hat. That's way harsh, man. Hissssss! A pox on your house! I like my flowered hat and think I look rather fetching in it. And the other cats displayed under those scurrilous words were pretty too.

How To Talk Dirty To A Guy

Some shameless self promotion on how to talk dirty to a guy on the phone.

Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Does no one moderate comments here?

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For some people the highways became a funny trip and never think of care they must to have every time they go over there. I do expect some separation of views between the introverts and extroverts, but don't know if your unscientific poll will be able to discern that distinction. Should be interesting to see your next post reveals.


I am blind and cannot read like other normal people. But when my friend read out to me about your article, it touched my heart because I have never ever heard of such a story ever. You are great and too good at your work.

how to talk dirty

here another one on self promotion on how to talk dirty to your boyfriend and make him putty in your hands:)

Dirty talk Examples

If you want to use some dirty talk examples misewell check this out too. haha

Dirty talking Examples

Now let's do some dirty talking examples, there even better,

How to Jump Higher in Basketball

What a cool kid, love it.

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One of the ways I judge people is whether I would trust them to take care of my dogs, and he is obviously out on that one, my yellow lab being pretty cute. I guess I might trust him with my chocolate lab, who continues suffer with his odor issues.

I agree health care should be rationed. It should be rationed by people deciding what to do with their own money and by doctors and others who decide what they want to charge for various services. If people want to blow their life savings on keeping themselves alive for another 30 days instead of donating that money to keep some stanger alive, they ought to be able to do that. If the state can take away your money that you need to stay alivesadf, what can't they take away? Reagan was so right about socialism and health care in this old speech.

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Mel Cooley is hoping that all of these people were also opposed to holding the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York,

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Mel Cooley is hoping that all of these people were also opposed to holding the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York,

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He looks funny with that fitted clothes.

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