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August 18, 2009


Resa Haile

She did say he was a "formidable antagonist." I definitely think the admiration went both ways. Whether either of them was infatuated with the other is open to discussion--or whatever story you are writing. He was ten times the man the King of Bohemia was, though. (And that's a conservative estimate.)

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One of the ways I judge people is whether I would trust them to take care of my dogs, and he is obviously out on that one, my yellow lab being pretty cute. I guess I might trust him with my chocolate lab, who continues suffer with his odor issues.

I agree health care should be rationed. It should be rationed by people deciding what to do with their own money and by doctors and others who decide what they want to charge for various services. If people want to blow their life savings on keeping themselves alive for another 30 days instead of donating that money to keep some stanger alive, they ought to be able to do that. If the state can take away your monasdfey that you need to stay alive, what can't they take away? Reagan was so right about socialism and health care in this old speech.

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